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The design program for Centro Familiar de Adoración called for a new worship center to be built in phases that could eventually seat 20,000. Pastors Emilio and Bethany Abreu wanted a space that was not just big and seated lots of people, but a space that would also allow intimate and personal worship at the same time. The fan shaped sanctuary with two wrap-around balconies allows 9,000 people to gather in a space with dynamic lighting and sound that allow for a creative and meaningful worship experience. The building also houses a second smaller 1,200 seat “chapel”, offices, classrooms, other required support spaces, and an inviting four story atrium/lobby. The building also houses a K-8 Christian School and is built over an 800 car parking garage. CFA is Paraguay’s largest church running well over 10,000 in weekly worship attendance.






Exterior Day








Lobby Sky





Exterior Side


Exterior Night









Project Scope:


375,000 square feet of new construction
Completed 2009


Cost: $12,000,000 US
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